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Apani Wintersport 4.0 sock

Designed to give you the purest of skiing experiences. Created from the APANI® MERINO WOOL, the first truly intelligent wool, the Apani Wintersport 4.0 sock offers the perfect winter experience. Patented, all-over ventilation zones deliver all the performance that makes these socks ideal for every ski tour.

Merino wool repells dirt by nature due to its two-layer structure. When absorbing moisture, the internal fiber stem called cortex and the outer layer deform to different degrees which leads to abrasion of dirt particles. Freedom from odor is another Merino strength and APANI® Merino builds on this by adding the high-tech lightweight fiber Mythlan®. With this fiber , the thermal effect of body heat, pushes excess moisture through the material to the outer surfaces and allows it to evaporate.

Because of the MYTHLAN® structure, no germs and bacteria constitute. It is therefore neutral to the skin and non-allergenic and makes the Apani Wintersport 4.0 the perfect companion for every avid winter athlete.


Technical Composition

  • Merino Wool (37%)
  • Nylon (22%)
  • Bisentio (25%)
  • Mythlan® (10%)
  • Elastane (6%)

Material Composition

  • Merino Wool (37%)
  • Polyamide (47%)
  • Polypropylene (10%)
  • Elastane (6%)
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